Tours in the Faroese mountains! We organize a varied selection of tours in the Faroese mountains. The suitable routes and difficulties of the tours will be decided after clients needs.

The tours will be instructed by supervisors and they are in charge of the wellbeing of the participants so they get a safe and fantastic trip.

To bring: Practical & warm clothing, good fotwear.

Some of the popular hiking routes:

Hiking Saksun – Tjørnuvík
Visit the very picturesque village of Saksun. A guided hiking tour to the village on the other side of the mountain, Tjørnuvík. Walk after the path, which once was the only connection between the villages, and have been used by doctors, priests and sheriffs through time.See the Giant and the Hag from the top, where you also have the view over the small village of Tjørnuvík surrounded by the magnificent mountains.There will be time to walk around in the charming village.

Hiking Fyri Vestan
Hiking to the westerly part of Streymoy, around Sornfelli to Norðadal. On the tour, there is a magnificent view over the Atlantic ocean where the islands Vágoy, Sandoy, Hestur and Koltur rise up from the ocean and create a beautiful frame for this wonderful nature experience.

Top of the Faroe Islands – Slættaratindur
Hiking to the top of Faroe Islands. Enjoy the amazing view over the fjords, the beautiful islands and the snow-covered mountaintops. See how the sounds separate the mountain ridges. Enjoy a cup of coffee on the top of the Faroes. The tour will be with a professional guide.

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