Group Travel to the Faroe Islands

Group Travel

Our team welcomes you to the Faroe Islands! Let us help you organize and plan your trip. Our team operates with with several group travels including activities, theme trips and excursions to the most popular attractions.

We arrange accommodation through hotels, guesthouse, and apartments. Also, we offer travel packages for all seasons.

Send us an e-mail on or give us a call +298 510 600 and move a step closer towards an unforgettable journey in the Faroe Islands.

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Weekendtrip to the Faroe Islands

Experience the idyllical and cosy Tórshavn, known for being the worlds smallest capital! Beside this the city is described as a modern and lively city with cafés, restaurants, musicplaces and cultural gatherings. This also creates a cosy and intimate atmosphere in little Tórshavn.


Tour the Faroe Islands in a rental car

Explore the Faroe Islands and the unique nature on your on, in a rental car. Since 80% of the islands are connected with bridges and tunnels this is a great way to experience and see the many shades of the Faroe Islands. The Faroe islands are well covered with asphalted roads making this way of exploring a true pleasure.


Tour the Faroe Islands with guide

Experience it all at once! We offer a tour with five different excursions with english speaking guides, to some of the most popular attractions in the Faroes. On this tour you will experience nature, sheep, birdlife, and cliffs. The sightseeing tours will go to several islands and offer attracions on land and on the sea.


Hiking in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is an obvious destination for nature enthusiasts. This is an option to come close to nature and experience the surroundings of the Faroe islands containing sheep, birdlife, green shades and landscapes with adjacent islands, ocean, and mountain trails.


Faroe Islands in the winter

The Faroe Islands are a fairytale destination year round with traditions, manners and experiences. The winter season offers a cosy and intimate athmoshpere among people with traditons. The nature gets more rough with breezing sea, waterfalls, snowy landscapes – and the possiblity of Northern lights!


Deep sea fishing

Experience the Faroe islands in the best possible way with a couple of days with deep sea fishing. This tour is arranged from Vestmanna with about 4 hours of fishing every day. The tour and the fishing area is being decided after weather conditions and sea current, fishing for different species.


G! festival

Every year in July the G! festival is being held. The festival goes on in the small and charming village, Gøta, and offers a whole lot of music, entertainment and the infamous and characteristic atmosphere with social relations and togetherness among people.


Tórshavn Marathon

For the 15th time Tórshavn marathon is being arranged. This year the marathon will go on the 3rd of June 2017 with Tórshavn, the worlds smalles capital, as setting. The run is always being considered as a success, with the beautiful surroundings of nature, clean air and exquisite view along the fjords of Tórshavn, even though the weather can be changing.


Arrange your own trip

Arrange your own trip to the Faroe Islands. We offer flights, accommodation, transport with rental cars and several excursions and activities. Send us your inquiry and we will turn back to you with a tailored trip. We are flexible and can arrange and plan a trip for single travellers and for groups.

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